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Bob and Jane Prentice the owners of Downfield Farm

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Ahead of the Game

Welcome to Downfield Farm, Scottish abattoir and producers of Stagison Venison. A reputable, humane abattoir and Scotland’s only field to fork venison farm, handling and processing plant. Established in the Spring of 2016, our family-run farm is herding in a new dawn for meat processing and deer farming.

We believe venison farming has a lot to offer Scotland. The meat is low in fat and high in nutrition. Not to mention all the good it does for our economy. All in all, it is a healthy, tasty, versatile meat we just love to sink our teeth into time and time again. And with the demand for quality venison rising and the majority of farmed venison in the UK imported from abroad, we thought it was high time we looked to our own lands to feed an ever-growing need.

Born and bred farmers


A Forking Good Idea

Born into traditional farming families, we are no strangers to the hard work of day-to-day farming. In 2002, we bought Downfield Farm just outside of Cupar, Fife, with the hope of expanding our beef and sheep farming business

As the demand for farmed venison continued to grow, we decided to add venison farming to our business. But with the only venison abattoir in South Yorkshire, the cost of transporting deer across the country was deer indeed. The whole process would also put a lot of additional stress on our deer, which we really didn’t like. So we decided to do things differently and convert an old farm shed into our very own processing plant, which now caters for a lot more than just deer.

Downfield Farm logo with a stag, sheep and cow on it
Herd of deer at Stagison in a fluffy straw bed

Stagison is born


Herding In A New Era

On that fateful day, we entered into a new and exciting growing market where we hope to challenge and change the perception of venison farming in Scotland for the better.

What’s more, all our hard work is paying off. We have a well-earned reputation for excellence in animal nutrition, care and processing in the industry. We are also working hard with local farmers and suppliers to encourage the growth of venison farming in Scotland, and in turn the growth of our economy, by supplying quality venison products to the rest of the UK (and who knows, maybe one day to the rest of the world).

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We’d love to hear from you

If you would like to know more then please get in touch. Whether you would like to know more about the high standards of our meat processing company, our meticulous abattoir in Scotland or our delicious deer meat for sale, we would be delighted to hear from you. You can call us on 01337 830237 or email us here. Venison in Scotland has just got a whole lot better!


An old fashioned red telephone with antlers coming out of the hand piece


All our deer are lovingly raised, carefully nurtured and tenderly prepared.


We believe that to get the best from our meat, we need to do what’s best for our deer.


Our products are processed, cut, packaged and prepared just the way you like them.

What People are Saying

  • "First Class"

    'Thank you for the service you provided us. From the first communication to meeting Bob at the farm when I delivered the sheep and collection at the rendezvous in Forfar, it was first class.'

    Happy Customer

  • "Great Service"

    'Thank you for great service as usual. The butchering and labelling look really good and I am delighted with my taste test -I had noisette for supper tonight!!. Please thank everyone concerned from off loading to delivery of the final product.'

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    F. Hipwell,
    Happy Customer

  • "Thank you for the first class service"

    'I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for the first class service we have received. You have been very professional and flexible with our needs'

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    Happy Customer

  • "Great Service All Round"

    'Just thought I would let you know how pleased we are with the meat packaging and labeling - its the first time we have used your butchery service and will certainly be using it again. Everyone very friendly and helpful - great service all round. thanks'

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    Graham Johnson,

  • "Impressed with  your set up"

    'From start to finish I have been impressed with your set up. Could you pass on my thanks to your guys who made dropping off my animals and picking up their produce so easy. I am also impressed with the butchery... it was what I asked for and very neatly done.'

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    Jonathan James,
    Happy Customer



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